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MARCH 1, 2005
Ah Condi, don't worry- we didn't want you here up here, anyway.

Rice delays trip to Ottawa over missile snub

The ripple effect created when Canada said 'no' to signing on to U.S. missile defence seems to have penetrated deeper south of the border than first believed.

CTV News has learned that U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was so displeased by Canada's decision to opt out of the program that she's postponed a planned visit to Ottawa in mid-April.

This contradicts Ottawa's official line that U.S.-Canada relations are proceeding smoothly after Prime Minister Paul Martin announced last week that Canada won't be a part of the controversial ballistic missile defence (BMD) program.

Boo hoo hoo! We want Canada to play our game and they don't wanna. I know, let's refuse to talk to them in the playground tomorrow at school. That outta hurt 'em! Then they'll really be wanting us to let them play our games. But then we won't let them! Yeah!

Is it just me? Or has US foreign policy transformed itself into a bratty 8-year old child?

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