Mother Nature must be liberal

JULY 8, 2005
Ain't karma a bitch?

Hurricane Dennis stalked Cuba's southern coast before cutting across the Caribbean's largest island, packing 145 mph winds capable of catastrophic damage that sent thousands fleeing the Florida Keys and raised fears of more disruption to U.S. oil operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Winds and heaving surf tossed a guard tower into the sea and roared over a razor-wire fence at the U.S. detention camp for terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay, on the island's eastern end.

Well if the government doesn't close the base, maybe hurricane season will.

But, all jokes aside, I do hope everyone down in those there parts are taking care. Hurricanes are the number one reason you'd never see me moving down to the Florida peninsula. Well that and Jeb Bush.

filed in Weather | by Christine at 11:37 PM on 2005-07-08