Gone With the Wind?

DECEMBER 15, 2006
The winds tonight are insane. I woke up at 3:30 this morning in a rush because of it. I guess here in Vancouver, winds are 60-90km/h with gusts up to 120km/h. I believe the 120 part. It's like hell decided to make a pitstop in Vancouver. Randomly I hear things blowing around outside, there are flashes of lightning at least I think they are lightning, although they could be power lines. The power keeps blipping on/off as I hear the computer UPS switch on and off randomly. And worst of all, there is this low-humming growl I hear as the wind gusts hit the building. It's almost.. hum evil sounding. Like I swear I heard it in a horror film. And it's disrupting my sleep in the worst way. I woke with a jolt when the gust was particularly huge, after having a dream that was almost mmm disturbing- even though I can't remember it distinctly. All what I do know is I'm too glad I don't live anywhere surrounded by trees. I am sure this wind storm will claim many many many of the huge fir trees. And if you've been to the Pacific Northwest, you'd understand what I mean by huge.

And these winds are supposed to keep up through to the morning? Will anyone venture out in this weather? Will there still be power in the morning? And just how much abuse can these trees next to our building stand before they break from the pressure? I can't get over it. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight. I don't know much except I really wish my mommy was here to cover my ears. :P

Reading material, just in case we our power connection doesn't survive the night.

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