We're still standing, but slightly leaning

DECEMBER 15, 2006
Just as I suspected, the wind of last night caused enough damage for this morning. In Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island 250,000 homes are currently without power (strangely, ours is still up and going strong). The Causeway (a roadway that cuts through Vancouver's Stanley Park that links Downtown with its North Shore) reported about three-dozen trees down over the road and many others leaning dangerously toward falling. Due to safety, they have closed that and the Lions Gate Bridge down for the full morning while they ensure that no other trees will be falling on any motorists. I can only imagine what kind of waves would be crashing against the western coast of Vancouver Island. I'm just glad we're not among the quarter of a million without power.

At any rate, the wind's still blowing around, although nearly not as much as it did last night. That low groaning noise (the evil noise, as I called it last night) is no longer, thankfully. And most importantly, the sunshine is out. The most beautiful sunshine I've seen in awhile is out and about, and makes me too happy.

I guess the wind will taper off this afternoon, ushering in some colder weather. The storm's originations apparently were in Russia and it's come across to Alaska and down. I know I opened the door briefly last night to check out what was the evil sound, and it was too cold. Brrrr.

filed in Weather | by Christine at 9:54 AM on 2006-12-15