Deja Vu

DECEMBER 27, 2008

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Well last week is replaying all in my head as I get ready to go yet again on this trip to St Lucia. We have new tickets for us leaving Vancouver tonight at 11:30pm, connecting early morning in Toronto, and reaching St Lucia around 3pm local time. Sleeping on a plane, hurray. At least this time the weather seems to be behaving. Vancouver's snow has turned back into rain, which is causing awful problems with slush and flooding, but won't likely affect us too much in our flight out.

My heart feels divided on this trip. After this crazy week in which our flight was canceled, Sim had to work overnight on Christmas Eve, and then having a Christmas without gifts or a tree or anything such as that, all I seem to want is a return to something normal and familiar. On the other hand, however, I feel a bit cheated this week and I want to just go and have fun, and our poor cameras ache to be more in use. Well, however how I feel, the tickets are non-refundable and all that, so we're most definitely going this time. I feel a bit better about it today, also, since I had a good sleep.

Anyway, I'll likely be updating as I know more. Cheers everyone, and hope to talk to you all poolside from a lounge chair.

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Stuck in YVR - video'fied!

DECEMBER 22, 2008
I really should be in bed. I mean, I would think so as I can barely see my screen. But I was fiddling around with some video I took today with my new camera at the airport while we were waiting for our luggage.

Enjoy! Ok bedtime. Zzz!

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Back to Slush

DECEMBER 21, 2008
Flight canceled. That's how it goes when you travel in wintertime at Christmas. YVR was *not* fun, but most people were at least pretty mild about it. A few outbursts here and there in baggage claim, but there was no problem finding a taxi to take us back home. Sucks having to spend $100 in taxi fare just to go to the airport and home again hours later. But that's life.

Sim's family still is having problems arriving in St Lucia, and they left last night. Sim's parents missed their connection in Toronto, and so Sim's mom is flying out of Montreal tomorrow (probably the flight we were due to be on) and Sim's dad ended up booking a whole new flight, and is flying through Chicago->Miami->St Lucia. That probably cost enough. Sim's brother is also still in Toronto for the night.  The only person who managed to make it to St Lucia on time was Sim's 92-year old grandfather, who flew in from England. Thankfully Sim's parents arranged to have a taxi waiting for him when he arrived and he's enjoying the 5-bedroom villa on his own tonight.

So that's all there is to it. We may be able to leave on Christmas Eve and fly through the US and make it down to St Lucia just before or on Christmas, but otherwise we will likely not be able to get down there til next weekend. Christmas at home? Eh, we can make it work.

Anyway we're meeting with the travel agent tomorrow to find out our options without spending an arm and a leg on it. So we'll know more tomorrow, I am sure. Mother Nature threw us a curve ball. That's life. Silver lining is I get to sleep in my nice comfy bed, rather than on the floor in the Montreal Airport.

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Slush to Sand

DECEMBER 21, 2008
I'm dreaming of a white warm christmas....

I cannot believe we're attempting to travel today. Sunday the 21st. For Saint Lucia, in the tropical West Indies. When Greater Vancouver is getting hit with 15-20cm of snow. In Michigan this would be just an everyday Sunday. But in Vancouver? Where snow usually only falls in the mountains? This is pretty substantial. From where I sit, this is what I see.

Snowy at YVR Snowy at YVR

And for good measure, here's one of us crazy kids:

Travelers, not yet weary

So far the flight remains on time. Departs in about an hour. So I'll pack up my laptop pretty quickly and visit the ladies' room so I'm set for the flight. At any rate, follow along with our adventures  at our photo set on Flickr. And follow along short-term on my Twitter feed, as I will likely be updating more often there.

Can't wait to see the sun, for the win!

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The bags are packed and I'm ready to go

DECEMBER 27, 2007
Well I'm in a better place than I was the other night. Maybe that's because I'm not all hopped up on decongestant medicine. Who knows for sure. But in about six hours we're heading out of here and back to Seattle, where we will collect our car and drive the last length back home to Vancouver (either tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on what shape we're in). I do hate those damn goodbyes, but thankfully this time my niece is coming along and so she will hopefully create a happy diversion from the tearful sad little waves from afar.

And then, I hope there is no flight delay for that flight. Because when we get to Minneapolis, we only have a 40 or so odd minute layover before our flight to Seattle departs. While that'd be fine with no delay, we're in midst of winter here and so I'm a bit worried. But what's the worst that could happen? We have to stay a bit longer in Minneapolis to catch a later flight? We have to spend the night in Minneapolis? None of these things are so bad. So.... we'll see I guess. Perhaps it'll be like last time, and our Seattle flight will also be delayed. We'll see, I guess.

One thing I do know is that it was a great idea to bring the Wii home. My dad's been joking that we'll have to leave the Wii behind to make room for our Christmas gifts. They really really loved Wii Sports, especially bowling. Even my mom played a few games.

Anyway, I look forward to just getting home and sleeping in my bed. And hopefully Sim isn't coming down with what I had. He says he is, but I'm not sure if he's teasing me or not. I'm glad he took Friday off from work so he has vacation now through the weekend.

Anyway, hope everyone had/are having a good holiday and will have a smashingly great 2008.

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Day 2: Buying Guitar Hero III & Day 3: Playing Guitar Hero III

DECEMBER 22, 2007
Guitar Hero III! Guitar Hero III! For the Wii! Okay, I admit it. When I was out shopping for a few miscellaneous things and came across two copies of Guitar Hero III for the Wii on sale for $90, I grabbed it and hugged it impulsively, not thinking much about the extraneous details... like for example how I'll fit it in my bag on the way home. All I knew was I must own this. Impulsive, yes. Unplanned, no. It's almost as difficult to find Guitar Hero III as it is to find the Wii itself. And around the holidays? Forget it. So we were just jotting around Pamida (dreary discount shopping at its finest) and I found not one, but TWO units for sale? I grabbed it and ran like a bandit (to the checkout, of course, I don't steal).

Oooooh do I ever suck at Guitar Hero ;)We were super busy for much of Friday, first with seeing my niece Gwen practice her ice skating, and then to a Christmas party. Then I came home and my sis Maria was there, only staying for the night. I planned a grand breakfast for the family and had to make baked french toast for 10 people. So I worked on that in the evening. Suffice to say, our Guitar Hero stayed in its box. Until today. Wooooo baby. So much fun. My first time ever playing Guitar Hero. And it definitely showed. I spit and sputtered through countless plays of Foghat's "Slow Ride" (gah, I'm not even wild about that song) to successfully complete the song without being booed off. And eventually, I did it. We're still trying to unlock new songs to play. But tis very fun, that is for sure. And eventually, I'll be able to complete Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me". ;)

I've got to get to bed! I'm feeling somewhat sickish (although not really) and just feel I need a good and long sleep. So cheerio, my find friends.

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