Christmas Came Early This Year

DECEMBER 10, 2008

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My camera is here! My camera is here! It's all been a very exciting day and I haven't been able to focus on a thing.

I wasn't the expecting the camera for another day or two, but today I got the knock on the door and the postman was there with the box! I could barely contain myself as I signed for it and he likely heard my squeal of delight as I closed the door.

There she is!

Sim's is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow by courier, also. So I'll just open that up enough to start charging his batteries and let him unbox his own camera after work. Two cameras for our two-week trip to Saint Lucia. I am so excited I could burst. More photos, we must have more photos.

... The back

Isn't she pretty? I've taken quite a few shots and a video also, and I can say I'm most definitely impressed. I have a feeling I'll be taking the manual to bed with me tonight.

Feel free to have a look at the rest of my unboxing photos here.

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Pregnant belly

MARCH 15, 2007
The photo studio's all set up for a shoot I have today. Er well, I won't call it a shoot because it sounds all overly serious and fashion-magazine'y. I'm actually taking pregnant belly photos for Jody. She's due next month and sporting a nice baby-sized belly, and I've offered to take photos for her memories. Of course, I've never taken pregnant belly shots. I've never even had a pregnant belly to know in what lighting it is most appealing. So this week I've looked at pregnant belly after pregnant belly, finding inspiration from other photographers. (That's what we photographers do all the time, to piggyback.) And I think I've sufficiently reached my pregnant belly quota. And I've realized something- pregnant outtie belly buttons really freak me out. Ya know, the ones that *pop* out? Erhrm.

So... she's coming in a little over an hour and I'm hoping and praying I'm having a good "creative" day today. Sometimes I feel overly creative and nothing I do turns out bad. And sometimes? The creativity flies out the window, and my photos tend to get a bland "yearbook photo" feel to them. Yech. They say you become very creative in a months of your pregnancy. So maybe I'll be very creative because I have PMS? Errr, maybe not. ;)

Another reason I'm a little bit unsure of myself is that I'm using a new lighting kit that Sim's brother got for a video shoot he did. Instead of flashes, he's got high-powered halogen lighting. Which is cool, but one of them is so hot the dust that hits it smokes. He has let us borrow it indefinitely, which is very cool.

So even though this is not a high-stress job, I'm still feeling a bit wet behind the ears and worried. I just don't want to waste our time. But then, if I can get even one photo that Jody loves, then I'll feel pretty good about myself.

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The Girl Needs Her Camera, Damnit

AUGUST 31, 2006
Memories...As I mentioned on my audioblog while off sailing a few weeks ago, my camera (a Canon EOS 10D) had stopped working while we were heading out into the Georgia Strait. I got this ambiguous "ERR 99" on my camera that could have meant just about anything. We ended up mailing it into the Canon service centre in Ontario, and they finally got back with a response and an estimate. My poor camera's shutter unit stopped working and needs to be replaced. And parts & labour to replace is $364.65. So we were left debating whether to do it or not. On one hand, it is getting to be an older camera (with the 20D & 30D models out now). It's a bit slower, it has a smaller resolution, and not as many focal points. But to upgrade to a 20D or 30D will $1,000+ and if we did upgrade, we'd likely really upgrade and buy the EOS 5D. With the upcoming trip to the UK in October, we couldn't upgrade much of anything right now, so that option's out.

So... we opted to spend the $364 and fix it. Given that you can still sell 10Ds for $400 or so on eBay, the camera still has some value if I were to resell. And let's not mention sentimental value. So it's slower. So it has fewer focal points. It's my little camera and it has followed me through numerous Caribbean Day Parades, the trip to India and Barbados, afternoons at Lost Lagoon, and so on. So fix it we will. And it should be done within 15 days... I can't wait. I've been a woman missing her limb this past month.

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Pleasantly Tilted, Syndicated

MAY 14, 2006
For anyone out there using a newsfeed reader for keeping up with blogs, I wanted to mention that last night we got atom feed support available for our photoblog, pleasantly tilted.

For anyone who wants the feed, here it is.

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Reifel Refuge

APRIL 30, 2006
We're not going to be wasting this beautiful Sunday indoors... we're heading out in the next few minutes to Delta to visit the George C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary. I heard that there are baby geese just waiting to be photographed by yours truly. And I'm sure next to these baby geese are mother & father geese ready to charge at me for getting too close to their babies. Ah well, what's a Sunday afternoon without being charged after by geese?

On the menu tonight is ethiopian food and the question remains whether or not I care to try goat.
If you watch nothing else this weekend, watch our man Stephen Colbert criticize President Bush to his face. I kid you not, the King was finally exposed to some jabs. And apparently he wasn't pleased. Classic stuff. Colbert is my new hero. And oh, if you're searching for the full edition, torrent it from mininova.

Eep, got to go! Have a great day!

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