NOVEMBER 7, 2006

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It's been two years, but Eminem's point still stands.

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Much prefer the blizzards of Dairy Queen

NOVEMBER 23, 2005
Here comes the blizzard.... I woke up this morning to find all of Calumet, Michigan in a blanket of white... the roads are white, the roofs are white, the trees are white, and the snow is forecasted to continue all day and possibly into tomorrow. Yummy!

I think this storm will get any of my longings out of my system for a white Christmas. It has its appeal, very charming. But sheesh. You become immobile inside your house. It's unsafe to drive anywhere. But you stilll need to get all wrapped up to go shovel out the driveway every few hours.... that's what I'm sure I'll be up to today. I'll gladly take the depressing rains of Vancouver. You just get wet there.

So today I'm nestled in. I'm going to be baking some things for tomorrow- for the off chance that people might be able to make it to our house for dinner. I think I will enjoy that. Yesterday was too much walking down memory lane. I have changed a lot since then. And I'm no longer a kid, thankfully. I'm not as I was. And this time, I can bake! And so I will take my 28 year old (not 14 year old) butt down to the kitchen and make something magnificent.

Mom and I are going to church tonight, as long as the weather holds out. Well even if the weather doesn't hold out, that won't stop my mom. Any and all churches are her own personal Mecca and she'll walk if she needs to. ;) My family is Methodist, but the service is at one of the local Catholic churches. They do ecumenical (many churches, protestant and catholic coming together in one) services every Thanksgiving's eve. I actually like them a lot. Christianity was way better before they decided to split up into many individual churches. That's when they start obsessing over what makes them different from each other. How about we forget about who does communion weekly and who doesn't drink wine and focus on the fact that Jesus was a cool dude. All this petty arguing that existed between each of the churches was a big part of the reason that I had my falling out from organized religion. Well that and tele-evangelists. And right-wing fundies. And homophobia. And the laissez-faire attitude taken about molesting priests while they sink their teeth into Roe v. Wade. And James Dobson. And missionaries who refuse medical treatment in Africa unless they get a new convert. And John Ashcroft's very existence. And and and....

Erm anyway. I just found there to be too much nonsensical arguing and hypocrisy when there should be moments of silence and inner calmness. When we ought to be nice to others, I saw too much bickering. And well.... eh. I don't need to surround myself with the bickering to feel closed to the higher power. I just need to meditate to feel that inner calm and peace. There is a holiness to being in a church. But to all the bickering fools-- shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm trying to focus on what's truly important here. It seems as the years and decades go by, a religion becomes less like a vehicle to being at one with God and becomes more like a hungry corporation needing to survive from new converts. So yeah... I got fed up with it. And so I don't practice anymore. Well unless I go home. Then I have no chance to do such a thing. Sooooo. I went last night. I'll go tonight. And I'll go on Sunday. But don't try to save me, please ;)

Anyway, I will go wash my face and such now. I really wish I hadn't gone all weepy last night. It makes my eyes terribly tired in the morning. I'll be probably wearing my glasses for the day.

Take care, all. And wish me luck as I brave the frigid weather ;) Brrrrr.

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Nice cover

OCTOBER 21, 2005

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A look inside

AUGUST 16, 2005
Cool-ass site of the day: Their Circular Life

Fabulous use of flash to show us all what we're really missing when we don't stop to 'smell the roses', Italian style.

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Light on their feet..errr...hands

MARCH 23, 2005
Cool-ass site of the day: Break Dancing Badass

That takes some upper-body strength. Just a matter of time before Cirque du Soleil starts calling. Um, ow.

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