A new age bracket.

JULY 24, 2007

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So I'm officially 30. Or it's my second year of being 29, as Catwoman mentioned to me earlier tonight. Whatever, I don't feel older than I did a day ago. So why should another birthday bother me? It's inevitable. That whole wisdom thing makes it worth it, really. I think back to my 20th, and what a foolish girl I was back then. I've come a long way, baby. I don't mind getting older... although a little hair dye does a great job in covering those greys.

Of course, that which scares us whether we're 30 or 40 or 80 isn't what lies in the future, but rather what we haven't yet done and wished we had. It's the expectations that are placed on us by society, by family, and even by ourselves, as to what we should be doing or how well we should be doing it. I keep standing by the notion that there is no one right way to live and we should stop being so afraid of living up to an almost unattainable ideal. But even I fall prey to the dark thoughts that plague a 30-something mind. Tick tock tick...., sometimes I want to break that clock permanently, or freeze a couple of eggs just for proper planning.

At any rate, I'm here now in the land of the 30s and it's not nearly as bad as I thought it'd be when I envisioned it a year ago. I'm still a spring chickie if I want to be.... and I'm a spring chickie with a MAC. Yep, I (we) got a new Macbook Pro this weekend that I'm proud to be blogging from my bedroom on the bed. And it's pretty sweet, hehe! (Yes, Simon, I'll let you play with it soon.) Stay all you want about Mr Jobs and his iPhone hype, the guy put out a pretty kicking laptop computer product. How I wish OS X would run on a PC. Come on, Apple. Make me happy so I can swear off XP forever and ever.

So beddytime for me. I'm not getting any younger, after all. ;)

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Saying goodbye to the roaring 20s

JULY 18, 2007
In six days, I turn 30. I enter a new age bracket. 3-0. My 30-something friends keep telling me it's much better than the 20s. I'm hoping they're not saying that because they're already 30-something.

Please someone, hold my hand.

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Misc Box #37

APRIL 28, 2007
Oooh boy, it's been a long time since I last blogged. Erm, okay too long. Sorry 'bout that.

We helped a couple of friends pack up a Budget rental truck for a move to Kelowna. I'm sure they must be exhausted right now, as they were up as early this morning that they were and they drove five or so hours to Kelowna, and now to unpack the truck and get settled. Youch. I do not envy them. Of course, they probably didn't envy us back in 2001 when we drove out almost-broken-down U-Haul truck from Michigan to Vancouver. (Note: Never use U-Haul for moving anything).

I also checked out the new Bosa Foods store in Vancouver today. It's a warehouse kind of place stocked full of Italian imports. Pastas, sauces, pestos, cheeses, meats, anything that could bring you Italian splendour. We ended up spending over $100 at the checkout. Woops. But dude, I got the most fantabulously orgasmically sinfully delicious Italian pastries. Cream filled. Died and gone to heaven. Yum. Do check them out if you get the chance. If nothing else, do it for the pastries.

Third thing today was I got some new upgrades for my computer !!!! Well, by new upgrades, basically a whole new computer (except I keep my old case). My computer has been swapping like a mofo whenever I'm in Photoshop (which, eh, I'm usually always in). Of course, this means I'll have to install Windows XP again. And all the programs with it. All of them. Including my 3,567 expansion packs I have for Sims2. Ewwwww. But think of how fast it will be. Zooooom! And it's not just about me. Sim wants my current setup for our photo server, as the current motherboard has been corrupting occasional photos upon import. Not good. :P

And lastly, I admit it. I love Facebook. It blows MySpace right out of the park. Anybody out there have a Facebook account? Add me, add me! Sim's got way more friends from school added and I've been feeling mighty addicted unpopular. ;)

Hope you're all having a fab weekend, all!

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All good now.

MARCH 15, 2007
Just a short update, my dad's cancer is, thankfully again, superificial and not-aggressive. He'll have to have yet another cystoscopy in three months, but as of now he can relax. They leave tomorrow with my niece Gwen for a weeklong Spring-Break trip in Orlando, Florida (with my oldest brother and his family). I'm excited for Gwen, it's her first time on a plane! She was too cute, asking me if she'd need to chew bubblegum to keep her ears from popping. I told her my method ;) What a doll.

The photo shoot this morning worked out well, I think! It's never quite as perfect as you'd wish, but I think I got some really nice shots of the beautiful expectant mother-to-be. She brought me chai and scones from Starbucks, too. Always too nice. I wish her all the best as she winds down to the birth.

I'm absolutely exhausted right now. I think it's finally being able to fully relax. I've been so wound up with my Dad, and this photo shoot, and another project I wish to complete, and, and, and. I was thinking of inviting a bunch of people over this weekend for dinner. But on second thought, I may postpone it for another week. A part of me just wishes to rest and relax this weekend.

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There Goes the Neighborhood

DECEMBER 16, 2006
Just got back from Sim's company's annual Christmas party. Didn't win the Nintendo Gameboy. Drat. But holy God, does he ever work with some odd characters. We'll just leave it at that, mm'k? Geezus. ;) Anyone who knows me knows I can be quite colourful when I want to be, but next to some of them, I was a drab hermit. ;) Ah well, at least I didn't make an ass of myself in front of the company's ceo.

Brrr, but it's so cold tonight. One degree celcius. That's like 34 degrees fahrenheit. That windstorm definitely blew in some cool Siberian air. Blast those Russians and their permafrost-like conditions! Looking forward to a hopefully undisturbed sleep tonight, though. The wind storm's past, hurrah.

Man, there are some very unsavory people on public transit at night, however. These two jackasses were on the seabus all "let's snort a long line of cocaine. yeah man, long so long, a mile long. let's get a taxi because I'm too lazy. yeah man, let's get high, but let's go to the atm first." Uh huh, yeah man... have fun being a waste of space and self-destroying yourself. You're so cool, man. Oh yeah, and thanks for pissing right outside the seabus terminal. You rock my world. Will you father my babies? Ehm. Ok I'll stop with my sarcasm now. I had a couple gin&tonics tonight and with the booming music, I'm feeling a bit loopy. I'm off to go watch South Park & head to bed right after.

Night night, y'all.

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