Super Tuesday

FEBRUARY 5, 2008
So as one would expect, I've been tearing the hair out of my head having to listen to the spin spewed out by the mainstream media outlets. But I've been watching it devotedly wanting to know who's coming out ahead. And by the looks of things, between Obama and Clinton it seems pretty evenly split. I think Hillary has a slight lead. But with that said, Hillary was expected to do a lot better tonight. So all in all? It was Obama's night. He took majority in possibly 13 of the 22 states. Hillary got the larger states, but I'm sure those at her campaign are sitting slightly uncomfortably in their seats.

And.. well? I can say I like that. I have withheld any of my opinions and preferences up til this point as I can admit I've been holding out for the possibility that my man Al Gore would run. But I'm doubting that is to be this time. So I can say I'm definitely on the Obama side. Yes, it's about the war. And it's also about how much dirty money she accepts from lobbyists. And it's about how ugly former president Bill Clinton is getting trash talking Obama (ok, Bill, shut the f*** up, you're ruining the respect I hold for you.) It's about how much I get inspired by Obama's orations. I felt shivers up and down my body while I heard him speak. And while I know I can be swayed by such things and I'm to not be seduced by words, I feel such an inspiration from him.

But the biggest reason I support Barack Obama is his: Tonight on CNN, Ari Fleischer said that he hopes Hillary gets the nomination because there's a bigger chance for the Republicans to beat Hillary running than to beat Obama. And I will accept any candidate who has the higher chance of throwing the Republicans out of the White House. No President McCain. No President Romney. No President Huckabee. I want no part of that.

So go Barack, go!

filed in Politics | by Christine at 11:02 PM on 2008-02-05