How Sweet it Is

JUNE 3, 2008
Is it possible that this could be the face of America of 2009 and beyond?  I almost cannot believe it. But tonight, he managed to secure the nomination from the hands of the well-established  and well-known Clinton family, and did so without having to sell his soul to negative campaigning or lobbyists dollars. And let's hope such a trend continues. I gave my first donation for Obama's campaign tonight, partially because I feel kind of weird giving money to one Democrat over another. I figure let the process work itself out. But I feel tonight is the eve and kickstart to the general election. Surely, it will be treated as such (no matter if and when Hillary decides to concede.) Time to take on McCain. There was a time I admired McCain. Iraq War and his lack of fire against torture has been the deal breaker there. He might not be as bad as Bush, but he has shown his lack of character. And character is everything to me. Which is why I've supported Obama and didn't support Hillary.

Incidentally, I am most disappointed by Hillary's campaigning this year. There was almost an entitlement to her candidacy. As if, she thinks she deserves it, as if she is the golden egg that we must all uphold with reverence. Surely, she's an American Democratic Senator and that should amount for a level of respect and admiration. And she's a strong and confident woman, which we women should admire. But that's where the praises end. I think the breaking point for me, was with her comments a couple weeks ago, regarding RFK's assassination and why that somehow should be a reason she stays in the race. Okay, you just don't make mention of that. Ever. I remember during the Clinton impeachment trial when there were reports of gunfire heard near the White House. Surely nobody had the bad taste to ever discuss the "what if one of those shots actually hit somebody." Definitely nobody mentioned it with political ideas in mind. Especially not a former first lady who at the time was going through that very fear. It was just too much for me. Enough was enough. She is no face of feminism. Feminism is to make the playing fields equal, not claim special treatment or action based on gender. The fact that she brings up "sexism" itself makes her "feminism" suspect. Granted, it exists but I can notice that on my own without her feeding it to me like I should feel sympathy for her and vote for her simply because she too has a set of ovaries. Obama has been likely discriminated against far more than she has for his skin color. Oh but exchange the word "black" for "muslim". There you go.

Obama is a class act, a true genuine article as far as I can see. Intelligent, wise, diplomatic, non-radical. End to the war, end (hopefully) to the Patriot Act, end to not signing the Kyoto treaty, end to picking hacks for the Supreme Court.  Return to prestige and accountability. It's not even about the man Obama. It's about the movement that follows the man. A movement that I'm glad to be a part of. I can't wait for 2009.

filed in Politics | by Christine at 10:14 PM on 2008-06-03