Bush & Shoes

DECEMBER 16, 2008
And here is the unedited feed of Bush and the shoeless Iraqi man. Of course, C-SPAN comes to save the day, while the others sit on their thumbs. At the face of this event is the hilarity, of course. An Iraqi reporter throws his shoes at Bush, who does an amazing job dodging them. His shoes. Without the mess of the war behind it, one could just point and laugh. But in this video, you hear the man's screams. And even if you don't speak Arabic, you can hear the desperate anguish in his voice. And that is nothing to laugh at.

Well after the shoes are thrown and Zaidi is dragged out of the press conference, there is a video on Bush's face, smirking and shrugging. One is left looking deeper there, and wonder if he is trying to cover up the fact that he is bothered being hated that much, or if he just does not give a damn about anything.

filed in Politics | by Christine at 10:07 PM on 2008-12-16