Deja Vu

DECEMBER 27, 2008
Well last week is replaying all in my head as I get ready to go yet again on this trip to St Lucia. We have new tickets for us leaving Vancouver tonight at 11:30pm, connecting early morning in Toronto, and reaching St Lucia around 3pm local time. Sleeping on a plane, hurray. At least this time the weather seems to be behaving. Vancouver's snow has turned back into rain, which is causing awful problems with slush and flooding, but won't likely affect us too much in our flight out.

My heart feels divided on this trip. After this crazy week in which our flight was canceled, Sim had to work overnight on Christmas Eve, and then having a Christmas without gifts or a tree or anything such as that, all I seem to want is a return to something normal and familiar. On the other hand, however, I feel a bit cheated this week and I want to just go and have fun, and our poor cameras ache to be more in use. Well, however how I feel, the tickets are non-refundable and all that, so we're most definitely going this time. I feel a bit better about it today, also, since I had a good sleep.

Anyway, I'll likely be updating as I know more. Cheers everyone, and hope to talk to you all poolside from a lounge chair.

filed in Travel | by Christine at 5:54 PM on 2008-12-27
Hope you made it on the plane! Have a good time in St. Lucia!

Posted by cheryl [www] on December 28, 2008 at 7:54 AM.