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JANUARY 19, 2005

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Man, what on earth is going on with the weather? With the exception of a few moments today, it's been a pretty constant downpour since Sunday. Last week it was below freezing, cold and dry. This week? Warmer, much warmer. Which means the snow in the mountains is melting, fast. Not good. And then there's the rain. So much bloody rain.

Given that I live at the base of a mountain, it shouldn't really come as any surprise that there was a mudslide early this morning, burying a couple homes and killing at least one person. More than a little freaky, to say the least. I'm pretty sure that there's no chance of mudslides happening here in the area that I live, but Mt Seymour Parkway isn't so far from where I live. Talk about freaky.

The fact that rains are supposed to continue on for the remainder of the week does not help that fact. There are so many homes built up the sides of the mountains~ here in North Vancouver and also in West Vancouver. Let's hope the area can stand the weather changes without any major incidents.

That or I'm going to have to start rowing to the market.

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Dire warning

To anyone on the Florida coast, or even inland for that matter:

Board everything up and get out. The current National Hurricane Center prediction is here: to wit, the forecast has Hurricane Frances making landfall Saturday morning near Vero Beach (middle of the Florida coast, although the cone of possibility ranges from Miami to Pensacola), with winds of 145 mph. For any newcomers to the area, that’s the same wind speed as Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Seriously. If you’re still reading this, get your ass in gear and head north. Visit scenic West Virginia or brisk, exciting Canada. Tell your friends.

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Be careful if you're in Florida, mm'kay? Even if it ends up fizzling out or whatever, it's good to be safe. Because this hurricane looks to be a daddy of a storm.

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Gotta love thunderstorms *revel*

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Guest post by Rockinronnie

JUNE 26, 2004
Environment Canada Weather Forecast
Marine Forecast issued for Strait of Georgia.
Issued: 9:30 PM PDT Friday 25 June 2004 for the period ending 9:30 PM Saturday with an outlook for the following 24 hours.

A weak ridge of high pressure offshore will give way to a weak low approaching Vancouver Island Sunday.
Light to moderate variable winds will continue over most waters except for strong southerly inflow in mainland inlets and moderate To strong southeast winds in the strait of Georgia. Winds will Rise to strong westerlies in Juan de Fuca strait and in Johnstone strait during the late afternoon.
Small craft warning in effect.
Winds southeast 5 to 15 knots rising to 15 to 25 Saturday morning then easing to southeast 10 to 15 Saturday afternoon. Cloudy.
Patchy morning drizzle. Isolated showers Saturday.
Outlook. Light to moderate southeast winds becoming moderate north westerlies.© 2004 Environment Canada

I sure hope Christine took some ©Gravol with her, but then all good sailors appreciate a windy day. For anyone that's interested, here's a couple of links with pictures of the area Christine is sailing.

Vancouver area

Thetis Island

Ok, I can't possibly do a guest post here at Christine's without some kind of editorial comment. Last week the US State Dept. released an erroneous report stating that terrorism deaths worldwide were down significantly. There were allegations the figures had been downgraded to make G.W. look good going into the election. I'm not sure why this was news, don't all politicians adjust the figures to make themselves look good? But that's not my point. I'd like to post some statistics here for you to think about. Anyone who reads Naked, Armed and Dangerous knows I don't agree with terrorism, but perhaps we should keep the threat in perspective.

Terrorism fatalities worldwide last year -- 625

Average yearly deaths in the US as a result of the flu -- 20,000

Gun deaths in the US each year -- over 30,000

Traffic fatalities in the US 2001 -- 42,116

Worldwide deaths yearly from rabies -- 60,000

US deaths each year from smoking -- over 400,000

Daily fatalities from AIDS in Africa -- 6,000

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JUNE 8, 2004
It just hit me how hot it is today, oy! I'm feeling the heat hit me in a wave and fighting every urge to go cut off all of my hair. I always get into that mindset on hot summer days. Long hair feels like a blanket draped over the neck and shoulders.

And yes, I know it's not as hot as it is in Kuwait, Jagu... but give me a break~ afterall, I'm a northern-hemisphere girl!

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The west coast is spoiling me

APRIL 30, 2004

Guess who's going to be out enjoying the fresh air and sunshine today? Me!

By the way, for all you Fahrenheit fans out there, 23° C is about 74° F... Mmm!

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