FEBRUARY 2, 2010

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A New Year, A New Start

I'm truly trying not to be one of the casualties in the blogging world. There are mess of blogs that I read regularly that the person posted and posted and posted so often, they blogburned out and left the world entirely. I really don't want to join the ranks, although I know that my level of posting is ridiculous. And I'm semi-shamed. But it's okay, because I'm sure nobody is left even out there to watch my shame.

It's a new year. New beginnings. And I miss writing. So here I am.

I can say that during the Bush years, I found all sorts of blog fodder in the crazy things he and his administration would say. But I don't think I want to be as political as I was in the past. People who want politics can go to Daily Kos or Wonkette. Although I still see a bunch of crazy, I don't think I really want to write about that.

In truth, I want to go back to writing as I did in the early days. No, the early early days. The days when nobody seemed to be listening. It was just my little jotting down of daily events or thoughts or even rants. A little politics, of course, but more just random thoughts. Write like nobody's listening. For a time there, I was watching the stats closely and loving all of the banter. But now? Eh, I just want to write. What to write about? Well I'll figure that out.

So let's see- what's new? Well I'm 32, safely into my 30s. Trying not to let the baby mania that has hit all my 30'something friends also suck me in. I travelled to Europe again. This time to the UK (we photographed a wedding, like, as in officially!) and then went for about a week to Paris, France. I absolutely loved Paris. Just gorgeous gorgeous. Granted it wasn't perfect. I had a few rude waiters. I failed speaking French fluently, or even semi-fluently. My right foot was killing me throughout all the trip, making me slow and in pain. But there is an air of enchantment in Paris. The beauty of the city lit up. The pleasure of eating high-quality food. The history and the culture. I was truly in love. I can't wait to go back, for at least two weeks. We rented a tiny apartment through VRBO that was perfect for us, just minutes from Notre Dame Cathedral. We loved it.

And now, the 2010 Olympics are upon us. The Olympics that I remember announcing a loooong time ago. Vancouver is about to have an influx of tourists. Some people are excited about it, some people are deadset against it. I can see both sides. But I'm going to try to make the best of it. And as a photographer, it gives me the inspiration to go out and photograph anything I can. And it doesn't hurt that we have a couple hockey tickets, also.

Well, this is a silly stupid first attempt into the blogging world again. But it's a start. Where do I go from here? Who knows ;) We'll figure that out...

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DECEMBER 4, 2008

New friends, new inspirations

Last night, Sim & I went to The Wolf & the Hound in Kitsilano and met up with a bunch of fellow local photographers to have a little winter party & photo swap. The premise behind it was that each one of us brought a print and we put it in a collective pool, then drew numbers and swapped photos. It was a neat concept, even if Sim ended up getting my print (we swapped with another person, so it's all good). Any reason to meet new friends is fine by me.

The photo I received in the swap was from Heather, who's also from North Vancouver. Upon receiving it, I gave her one of my cards so she knew it was from. She came over to me later in the evening and said my name sounded familiar. And then she asked if I had a blog. I thought after this long reprieve, my blogging days would have been forgotten. But she said she recognized my name and we had a long chat. She has her own blog over at fubsy.net, of which I also recognized her domain name from the past. She and I both agreed that Twitter has taken over both of our blogging lives. It's far easier to compile a little 140-character news update than to write pages on a blog. We had a good laugh, and she's inspired me to start blogging again. So here I am, people! Feel free to prod me with a stick if I lag back again.

In other news, it's bloody December! And it's bloody cold! We're going away for Christmas and New Years' this year. Sim's mom worked out a villa to rent in Saint Lucia for the two holiday weeks and so seven to nine of us will be flying down to the Caribbean for a beachside Christmas party. I was a bit sad at first to be away from the traditional tree and cookies and all that, but then I realized I will have two week break from the rain and will have so much fun swimming and snorkeling in a beachy paradise. Also doesn't hurt that I may be getting a new camera in time for the trip!

I've really been sucking lately at blogging and I really should do better at it. And I'm sorry, although I'm falling in love with twitter, it doesn't replace the classic blogging medium. Here's to a new profound effort.

Cheers, all.

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MAY 8, 2008

The quarterly update



Hello, I say? Is there anybody out there?...

...[a cricket chirps in the background, otherwise, nothing]...

Okay, I know I deserve that. I've been deplorably bad about blogging. But what exactly do you do when you feel you have nothing to blog about? Memes? I am not going to go that route. Youtube videos? Can be entertaining from time to time, but after awhile it just gets dull.

Okay, so I had things I could have blogged about. Like for example, my Dad had his cystoscopy again and he is still cancer-free. Or in March/April, we took a two and a half week trip to Costa Rica and Panama, where I actually saw a quetzal? Not just any old quetzal, but two resplendent quetzals. Sim ran walked in a marathon. I think we are pretty close to finally having a democratic nominee (although I may be wrong, Hillary should be the next celebrity endorser for Energizer batteries.. She keeps going.. and.. well, nevermind). Oh yeah, and I have found myself becoming addicted to tweeting. And I am not proud of that.

I'm in the process of a new site design completely. Time to blow away the old, and usher in the new. I can accept that I have increasingly gone through these dry periods. Get into it for a few days, then just lose my voice completely. But it's not like I've fallen off the planet. I'm still very active online. I just sometimes feel I lost my voice. So, I'm redesigning the new site around this fact, incorporating what one could call micro-blogging. Social networking has so become the rage lately, and I want a little bit going on in my site also. It's about time.

Now, I've been looking at some of the old linkers to my site, and I see many of them removed me. Fair enough, I know I do not deserve any patience. I'm not holding up my end of the deal, I'm not terribly exciting. But I do hope to move back into it. Especially with the upcoming elections. At times, I can just talk and talk and talk and talk politics and Sim gets to listen and listen and listen and listen. And I know he's just not that into it like I am. So stop wagging the lips, and start flicking the keys, Christine. And I must not fret that most of my readers have moved on. Because when I first started blogging, I knew nobody was there to read it and I still did it anyway. There comes a time when you have to do something for the good of you, not for the good of everyone else. And it's a little nice to feel you're speaking to a smaller audience again. It takes the pressure off a bit, especially when talking about more controversial topics.

Anyway, for those of you still around. I thank you for being so patient. I will try not to disappoint again, the new site design will help. You will see what I mean when it is unveiled. Cheers!

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FEBRUARY 2, 2008

The cat's got her tongue

Oh my my my. Has it really been a full month since I last blogged? Shameful. I manage to get the photoblog ready each day. I post links to del.icio.us every day just about. And as a result, this poor little blog suffers. Well, I think it's time I take this in a new direction. I guess I have these periods of not really wanting to say much. I do things, of course. Like for example last weekend I went to a fancypants restaurant and had probably the best creme brulee I've ever tried. It was flavored with cinnamon and orange. Dear me, it was good. And my family's going through a bit of an ordeal as my 99 year-old great aunt Mildred is currently in the hospital with pneumonia. Who knows if and when she'd be able to return back home. This, in turn, caused my mom and dad to cancel their trip to Myrtle Beach, which makes all of us pretty sad and bummed out. Oh yeah, and a re-injured my back just after New Years which laid me up for awhile (still not back to 100% yet, either). And Sim went to Chicago, I've been playing a hell of a lot of Sims2, we got a new electric oven range which we adore, and Rock Band has been announced for the Wii.

I'm going to redoing the site, something entirely different. Think of a mix between a blog and a link poster like del.icio.us. Something that I can post to daily with a random link or there, but of which I can also post a long personal blog post as I occasionally am known to do. And what the hell, get some photos in there also. Should be fun. I can't just *stop*. It's just not going to happen. Even if I had no readers left, I'd still go to it. I'm not here for the popularity, just for the diary aspect (which is good, as I'm sure most of my readers have forgotten I exist. ;)).

Now I'm off to Ikea. We're looking to replace our countertops in the kitchen (HURRAY) and we need to figure out about how much it'd cost us.... just to see what our options are. :)


PS- Congratulations to N & Z, who welcomed a baby boy into their family this past month. So glad it all worked out, now if we can just have a name and a photograph or two... ;)

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AUGUST 24, 2007

Busted Out

So... yeah I'm back from Michigan. And as an added bonus, a couple days after I came down with a lovely little flu virus to keep me miserable during my jetlagged week. Given how I took a sauna and swimming on a relatively chilly day, how air travel always makes me feel, the jetlag obviously, and the busy weekend we had after arriving back, it would've surprised if I didn't get sick.

I'm finally starting to feel human again, but I'm still not in my usual perky way. So this weekend will be a lax weekend, I think. I know, excuses excuses. I am just not quite down with battling the crowds at the PNE just yet. Definitely next weekend.

So how have you all been? Good I hope. I've been using this couch time to play some more with my Macbook, and I'm getting a little recipe keeping system on the Mac set up. Paperless, baby! I just wish I could find the *perfect* recipe holding program. Like one that'd hold multiple images, or even support video integration. Or at least wouldn't crash if I looked at it the wrong way. I've been so far preferring YummySoup! the best... although what kind of messed up name is that? And what about the graphics? This is for the Mac, afterall. Get with the program!

We went out last night with Byron, Jo and Kim (visiting from Texas) at Burgoo. Oh my, we had a good time. I didn't realize until I got back home that we were there for over two hours, but it was all good. And who knew that white sangria could make me forget my draggy flu-like symptoms. And I through caution to the wind and opted for a "gooey cheese griller" that was todiefor. I just say that there is much beauty in the simplicity of a sandwich. Especially when that simplicity involves three kinds of cheese. Thanks for the good times, my friends. And have a safe trip back to Austin, Kim! Ya come back 'round here soon, ya hear?

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