Download The World According to Bush!

OCTOBER 24, 2004
Okay folks, anyone here want William Karel's excellent documentary The World According to Bush? Because last night Sim and I (cue in Mission: Impossible theme song) put our copy up for download using BitTorrent. Note, our copy is was taken from the TV (CBC Newsworld's Passionate Eye) last week. So it does have a little CBC logo in the lower-right. But it shows in its entirety (in excellent quality).

The file is just under 700MB, and available for download here.

Need a BitTorrent client? Use the highly recommended client BitTornado. And for those of you without knowledge about how BitTorrent works, check out its FAQ in the meantime.

We've got ample bandwidth so grab it and spread it. We have one week to get as much of America seeing this as we can. Let's create a little buzz, shall we?

PS- don't forget that our new favorite hero, Jon Stewart, is on the next 60-Minutes (which airs tonight at 7PM ET/PT) on CBS. It looks like it'll be a great interview! Pretty damn impressive that Stewart's interview gets aired so close to the election.

filed in Movies | by Christine at 10:53 AM on 2004-10-24