Busted Out

AUGUST 24, 2007
So... yeah I'm back from Michigan. And as an added bonus, a couple days after I came down with a lovely little flu virus to keep me miserable during my jetlagged week. Given how I took a sauna and swimming on a relatively chilly day, how air travel always makes me feel, the jetlag obviously, and the busy weekend we had after arriving back, it would've surprised if I didn't get sick.

I'm finally starting to feel human again, but I'm still not in my usual perky way. So this weekend will be a lax weekend, I think. I know, excuses excuses. I am just not quite down with battling the crowds at the PNE just yet. Definitely next weekend.

So how have you all been? Good I hope. I've been using this couch time to play some more with my Macbook, and I'm getting a little recipe keeping system on the Mac set up. Paperless, baby! I just wish I could find the *perfect* recipe holding program. Like one that'd hold multiple images, or even support video integration. Or at least wouldn't crash if I looked at it the wrong way. I've been so far preferring YummySoup! the best... although what kind of messed up name is that? And what about the graphics? This is for the Mac, afterall. Get with the program!

We went out last night with Byron, Jo and Kim (visiting from Texas) at Burgoo. Oh my, we had a good time. I didn't realize until I got back home that we were there for over two hours, but it was all good. And who knew that white sangria could make me forget my draggy flu-like symptoms. And I through caution to the wind and opted for a "gooey cheese griller" that was todiefor. I just say that there is much beauty in the simplicity of a sandwich. Especially when that simplicity involves three kinds of cheese. Thanks for the good times, my friends. And have a safe trip back to Austin, Kim! Ya come back 'round here soon, ya hear?

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