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FEBRUARY 2, 2008
Oh my my my. Has it really been a full month since I last blogged? Shameful. I manage to get the photoblog ready each day. I post links to every day just about. And as a result, this poor little blog suffers. Well, I think it's time I take this in a new direction. I guess I have these periods of not really wanting to say much. I do things, of course. Like for example last weekend I went to a fancypants restaurant and had probably the best creme brulee I've ever tried. It was flavored with cinnamon and orange. Dear me, it was good. And my family's going through a bit of an ordeal as my 99 year-old great aunt Mildred is currently in the hospital with pneumonia. Who knows if and when she'd be able to return back home. This, in turn, caused my mom and dad to cancel their trip to Myrtle Beach, which makes all of us pretty sad and bummed out. Oh yeah, and a re-injured my back just after New Years which laid me up for awhile (still not back to 100% yet, either). And Sim went to Chicago, I've been playing a hell of a lot of Sims2, we got a new electric oven range which we adore, and Rock Band has been announced for the Wii.

I'm going to redoing the site, something entirely different. Think of a mix between a blog and a link poster like Something that I can post to daily with a random link or there, but of which I can also post a long personal blog post as I occasionally am known to do. And what the hell, get some photos in there also. Should be fun. I can't just *stop*. It's just not going to happen. Even if I had no readers left, I'd still go to it. I'm not here for the popularity, just for the diary aspect (which is good, as I'm sure most of my readers have forgotten I exist. ;)).

Now I'm off to Ikea. We're looking to replace our countertops in the kitchen (HURRAY) and we need to figure out about how much it'd cost us.... just to see what our options are. :)


PS- Congratulations to N & Z, who welcomed a baby boy into their family this past month. So glad it all worked out, now if we can just have a name and a photograph or two... ;)

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