New friends, new inspirations

DECEMBER 4, 2008
Last night, Sim & I went to The Wolf & the Hound in Kitsilano and met up with a bunch of fellow local photographers to have a little winter party & photo swap. The premise behind it was that each one of us brought a print and we put it in a collective pool, then drew numbers and swapped photos. It was a neat concept, even if Sim ended up getting my print (we swapped with another person, so it's all good). Any reason to meet new friends is fine by me.

The photo I received in the swap was from Heather, who's also from North Vancouver. Upon receiving it, I gave her one of my cards so she knew it was from. She came over to me later in the evening and said my name sounded familiar. And then she asked if I had a blog. I thought after this long reprieve, my blogging days would have been forgotten. But she said she recognized my name and we had a long chat. She has her own blog over at, of which I also recognized her domain name from the past. She and I both agreed that Twitter has taken over both of our blogging lives. It's far easier to compile a little 140-character news update than to write pages on a blog. We had a good laugh, and she's inspired me to start blogging again. So here I am, people! Feel free to prod me with a stick if I lag back again.

In other news, it's bloody December! And it's bloody cold! We're going away for Christmas and New Years' this year. Sim's mom worked out a villa to rent in Saint Lucia for the two holiday weeks and so seven to nine of us will be flying down to the Caribbean for a beachside Christmas party. I was a bit sad at first to be away from the traditional tree and cookies and all that, but then I realized I will have two week break from the rain and will have so much fun swimming and snorkeling in a beachy paradise. Also doesn't hurt that I may be getting a new camera in time for the trip!

I've really been sucking lately at blogging and I really should do better at it. And I'm sorry, although I'm falling in love with twitter, it doesn't replace the classic blogging medium. Here's to a new profound effort.

Cheers, all.

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Ooooh!! St. Lucia!! Casey and I are planning to go there in 2010. Please let me know how it is! I hear that it's a lot like Hawaii.

Welcome back to blogging! BTW, your Christmas card is on the way.

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