Time to pull out my "Luge or Die" t-shirt

JULY 3, 2003
So did you hear the news?

Vancouver-Whistler has been chosen for the 2010 Winter Olympics!

Thousands of people in Vancouver and the ski resort town of Whistler held their breath Wednesday, then erupted in cheers as the International Olympic Committee announced they had won the right to host the 2010 Winter Games.

The 5,000 people in Whistler, like the 10,000 gathered at GM Place in Vancouver and at other venues across the province, waited nervously for the announcement from Prague.

When IOC president Jacques Rogge awarded the 2010 Games to Vancouver, the crowds screamed in delight, waving flags and tossing red-and-white balloons at the Vancouver arena.

In Whistler, the outburst lasted for 10 minutes with some people shedding tears as others formed a giant conga line that snaked around the village.

I think it's all very exciting. And quite honestly I'm glad they got it. This will be so great for the Van economy and will bring on a lot of infrastructure improvements. I don't know about this whole increase in housing, because as it is homes & apartments are too freakin' expensive.. don't even ask how expensive it is to live in Whistler, where I'm assuming much of the winter activities will be taking place.

But, hey! It's pretty damn exciting. As it is they are already working on the road system here between Vancouver and Whistler. Which isn't an easy task, as it's called the "sea-to-sky highway" for good reason. One side of the road is sea... the other side is mountain. So they have to do some heavy-duty rock blasting there. I saw it last time we drove to Whistler.

Whether I am still in Vancouver in 2010 or not, you'd better know that I'll be happily watching the Olympics taking place in this fabulous city.

All around good day for Vancouverites :)

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